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Otherwise find the icon on your desktop and double-click on it. You should complete all tasks as described below. The first screen, similar to Figure 3 below, is to backup your registry in order to be able to restore from it in the future. This can cause no harm, so it is a worthwhile task to do. Figure 3. Backup your Registry. You should click on the Create registry backup button, designated by the red box in Figure 3 above. This will create a backup of your registry and may take a few minutes so do not be alarmed if you feel the program is hanging. When it is completed, you should then click on the Next button.

Search And Destroy Malware And Spyware

Click on the Search for updates button, as shown in the red box in figure 4 above. This will make Spybot connect to a server on the Internet and determine if there are any available updates for Spybot. If there are no updates available it will tell you so, and then you can click on the Next button. If updates are available then the Download all available updates button will become available and you should click on that following the prompts.

Removing Spyware and Malware from a Windows PC Using Spybot Search and Destroy

Unfortunately there are no new updates as I am writing this tutorial so I can not show you what it looks like. Figure 5: Immunize Internet Explorer. You should now click on the Immunize this system button designated by the red box in figure 5. This will immunize Internet Explorer so that you will not be allowed to download and run known malware or other malicious programs. After you click this button you should see an image similar to Figure 6 below which will show you that Spybot successfully immunized Internet Explorer.

Figure 6: Successful Immunization. To learn how to use this program continue reading the next section. Important Note: For people using the new version 1. To fix this click on the Mode menu option at the top and click on Advanced Mode. Reply Yes to the confirmation when it asks you. This will change the screen and give you different options. Click on Settings on the left hand side and then click on the Ignore Products section. Click on the All Products tab, and scroll through all the listed products and make sure there are no checkmarks in any of them.

If there are, remove the check marks. Then click on the Mode menu option and switch back to Default Mode again. The program will now open and will appear as shown in Figure 7 below. Click on the Update button which is marked in red in the figure above. You will then be presented with another screen shown in Figure 8.


This screen will allow you to check for any new updates to the program and then to download and install them. Figure 8. Search for updates. Click on the Search for Updates button. If there are available updates, they will be listed and you will be given the option to download them. If there are no updates, it will notify you of this and you will not have the option to download anything.

If there are updates you should download all of the available updates that are listed. You should then select a location to download the updates from that is closest to your geographical area. If there are no locations that are close to you geographically then pick the closest one.

Spybot vs. Anti-Virus

Note: Once a new update is released for version 1. After the program restarts, you will be presented with the same screen as shown in Figure 7 above. This time you will want to click on the button designated by the green box, called Check for Problems. The program will automatically start and search your hard drive, registry, and other locations for traces of Spyware, Hijackers, and other malware. If it does not start checking for problems immediately, click on the Check for Problems button.

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When it finds software that it recognizes, it will add it to a list of items to remove. This search can take a while, so go do something while it searches. The red box designates the current item it is looking for and how far along it is in the scan. Figure 9. Check for Problems.

Once the scan is done, it will present you with a screen similar to Figure This list of found items is designated by the red box in the figure below. The item surrounded by the green box allows you to see information about the selected item which will be discussed in Step 6 below. Figure List of found Spyware and Hijackers. Other entries will not have checkmarks next to them and will be discussed below to allow you to decide if you would like to remove them.

Green Entries - These entries are usage tracks. Usage tracks are fingerprints left in your system that contain information about what you have done in the past with your computer. Information that is typically stored in these usage tracks are last open files, last used directories, web sites that you have visited, or files that you have opened. Fixing these entries can cause no harm to your system so if you would like to remove them, there will be no harm done.

Black Entries - These entries correspond to internal system settings on your computer. This can be missing help files, missing shared dlls, incorrect application paths, incorrect uninstall information, or broken desktop links.

Spybot 2.7 Download

You should not fix these entries unless you are absolutely positive you know what you are doing. It is possible to seriously corrupt your system if you fix the wrong entries. It is possible to see what registry entries or files correspond with the found items. Examine figure 11 below and we will describe how to see information about each entry.

If you would like to see more detailed information about what each entry means, you can click on the button designated by the green box in Figure 10 above.

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This will bring up much more detailed information about what that particular entry means. When you are done reading the entry you can close that pane by clicking again on the button with the arrows on it. You can see an example of this detailed information in the section designated by the blue box in Figure To fix specific entries in the list you should put a checkmark next to each item you would like to fix. After selecting or deselecting any of the programs you would like to remove, you should click on the button labeled Fix selected Problems , designated by the blue box in Figure This will allow you to revert back to previous configurations in case something goes wrong or your computer starts acting incorrectly.

Press the Yes or No button depending on what you would like to do. Prompt for Run on next Reboot. You should reply Yes to this. The next time, you reload Windows, Spybot will run automatically and fix any of the programs it could not fix previously. Anti-virus Security software.

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